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testimonialsThank you so much for your kind words!

A great new patient experience…

“This was my son’s first dental examination, and it was truly a pleasurable experience for him, which made it wonderful in my book. The dental assistant was so kind, she spoke to my son in a manner that made him feel comfortable- like this was an awesome thing he was about to partake in, and she allowed for extra time so that he could see and manipulate the instruments she was going to use on him which just made it all the more exciting to him since he was getting the opportunity to use the tools. Dr. Savage also came in with such an upbeat and positive attitude. He too made my son feel great about his strong teeth, and I still hear about how cool it was that he got to have his teeth painted (fluoride treatment)!! Plus Dr. Savage answered all of my questions, and left me feeling comfortable about what my son needs to do to maintain a healthy smile. The physical environment was also genius! Having one huge open room where the kids could see other kids was just great. If something at all seemed a little weird, my son just looked over at the other kids having the same things done. By getting rid of the closed door, confined exam rooms, there was no scary place- just a bright open fun place to be. I learned of this dental practice through mothers in a group I belong to. Several other doctors were also recommended, but I figured I would try this one first seeing as there was more than one mother who made the recommendation, and if I didn’t like it, there were other places I could try at the next 6 month visit. Well needless to say, I am so glad we went here, and I will not be needing any further recommendations as we already have the next appointment scheduled. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to make my son’s (and my) experience a positive one.”

Talking about pacifiers…

“Your office was so welcoming and really made my two year-old daughter, Kody, excited to be there. Her cleaning was great. But, most importantly, Dr. Bryan spoke with Kody about giving up her most beloved pacifier (“binky”). Since our visit, she has not touched a binky and we were able to throw them out. I am so grateful for this development. Perhaps Dr. Bryan can stop by our home and ask her to stop hitting her brother and spitting water in our floor vents. Kidding aside, you have a great practice and we will be back regularly. Thanks.”

A longtime dental patient…

“We continue to ‘enjoy’ our visits to your office. The entire staff, from the front desk, to the assistants to Dr. Bryan are all very professional and friendly. Ben LOVES to come for the video games and usually wants to go early and stay late. So many visits to a dentist through his childhood could have been detrimental to him, but thanks to you all, he still likes going. I’m confident he will have a lifetime of good oral hygiene despite all his dental issues while he was young.”

Our dentists…

“We LOVED Dr. Beverly! While Dr. Savage is GREAT, we are excited that you have brought Dr. Beverly to the office! She was fun, attentive and professional. We will be glad to see either of the doctors when we come. Halle and I think she is a great addition to the office. Also, our assistant was really great as well. She was funny and had a great rapport with Halle.”

Glove balloons!…

“Our visit was absolutely wonderful, as always! I especially loved the little fish the assistant made for my 2 yr old out of a glove. So cute and creative. He played with it all day”

Treatment needs…

“I brought my two four year old sons in last week and we had an incredible experience. The assistants were kind and patient. They informed me, as well as Dr. Beverly informed me, of the work needed. I am excited for my boys to get their teeth fixed and stay on the right track. The financial plan to pay for the work and the woman who explained the insurance and my responsibility was kind and informative. I look forward to returning and glad my boys will soon be pain free.”

A five star experience…

“The visit was great!!! Dr Bryan was amazing with my daughter. The staff has always been welcoming and friendly! I would recommend the place to anyone I know. We feel lucky to have such excellent dental care. Five stars all the way!”

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