Summer Snack Fun

With summertime approaching, the family schedule can get pretty packed with fun-filled activities. Whether it’s a road trip, sports camps, or just family outings, it is important to plan ahead to ensure that we aren’t making snack-time an afterthought. We’ve compiled a list of foods that we think would be great additions to the summer grocery list.

Warmer weather is here so it’s important that we keep our kids well hydrated and keep the body well balanced. Water is the best fluid to make sure that the little ones are quenched and should be the beverage of choice. When the family is on the go, grab a bottle of water instead of a juice box or sports drink. Drinking fluoridated water can help fight against acidic foods that can potentially wreak havoc on the teeth.

Fruits and veggies are the perfect bite-size snacks for children. Parents can make it fun and exciting by allowing kids to choose which items from the produce section they would like. Carrots, strawberries, apples, grapes, celery…the more colors the better! Pack the fruits and veggies ahead of time in snack baggies and keep handy in the refrigerator for quick, on-the-go grabs.

High in protein and calcium, cheese, low-fat yogurt, and other dairy products are a great snack for youngsters. According to a study reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who consumed cheese as a snack instead of potato chips had a lower overall caloric intake per day

Nuts can serve as a natural defense against acids that can lead to cavities, clearing the teeth of debris and promoting saliva production. High in protein, nuts can be a great alternative to the crunch, salty chips kids may crave.

Get out there and enjoy everything that summer brings…and snack well!

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Knocked Out…Now What?

e41d2573e70c72ffa9483693a89be50fBy Dr. LaShica Beverly

A tooth avulsion occurs when a tooth is completed displaced from its socket, aka “knocked out.”

Many parents have questions about what they should do if and when this occurs. The first and most important thing to do is to try to calm your child down and attempt stay calm yourself…but we know that is easier said than done!

Permanent Teeth Avulsions

  • If a permanent tooth is knocked out and is located, try to pick it up only from the crown (top) of the tooth, and avoid touching the root.
  • If there is debris present on the tooth, you can rinse it gently with a small amount of water.
  • If the permanent tooth can be placed back into its socket, then do so as soon as possible. This is the best way to try to save the tooth.
  • If replanting the tooth is not possible, then store the tooth in milk, tooth avulsion storage solution if on hand, or saliva.
  • Call your pediatric dentist right away. An avulsed permanent tooth is a true dental emergency and care should be sought immediately.

Primary (Baby) Teeth Avulsions

If a baby tooth is avulsed, there are different rules to follow:

  • DO NOT try to replant the teeth–this can cause damage to the developing permanent tooth.
  • Call your pediatric dentist. The dentist will most likely want to see your child to take an x-ray to ensure that the missing tooth has not been completely intruded (pushed up into the gums), to determine if only the coronal (crown) portion has been lost and evaluate for any root fragments remaining.
  • This x-ray will also help to keep an eye on any potential complications that may occur to the unerupted permanent tooth, especially in children under the age of 3.
  • If the avulsed tooth has not been located, a referral to a pediatrician may be needed to rule out that the tooth hasn’t been aspirated (swallowed or breathed in through the lungs).
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What’s the Point? They are just baby teeth…

By Dr. LaShica Beverly

Many times we are asked why we bother treating cavities in kids because “they are just baby teeth and they are going to fall out anyway.” Another common question asked is, “Why can’t we just pull it?”

The answer: Children need their primary teeth for adequate eating, proper speech development, and continued dental arch development. Non-restored carious teeth (“cavities”) can lead to pain, infection, and swelling. This affects a child’s ability to gain sufficient nutrition, contributes to inability to concentrate in school, lack of sleep, and affects their overall quality of life.

It is important to preserve primary teeth when possible because they act as space holders in the developing dental arch for the adult teeth that will eventually replace them. There can be significant space loss that occurs when primary teeth have cavities that destroy tooth structure and/or are lost prematurely due to extractions necessary because of extensive decay. When space is lost, it limits the space that is available for the eruption of the subsequent permanent tooth; orthodontics will likely be needed to create adequate space for the adult teeth in these instances.

Dental therapy seeks to not only restore affected teeth but also promote the remineralization process. There are several factors that are considered when decisions are made regarding treatment options for carious primary teeth. Baby teeth or primary teeth are structurally different than adult teeth or secondary teeth…they are not simply smaller versions of adult teeth.

  • Primary teeth have thinner enamel and dentin. The progression of cavities in primary teeth is significantly faster than in secondary teeth. A tooth that would have only required a filling may require a crown or extraction in 6 months to a year if left untreated.
  • Pulp chambers (housing of nerves and blood vessels) are larger. As a result pulp involvement/exposure can occur quicker
  • Primary molars have broader proximal contacts, varied anatomy of roots and canals, and narrow occlusal (biting) surfaces. These factors, along with those mentioned above, dictate the rationale behind the type of treatment that may be chosen for a particular tooth; such as a stainless steel crown vs a filling.

Some of the main objectives in restorative dentistry is to prevent further destruction of tooth structure from caries, restore form and function, maintain pulp (nerve) vitality when possible, and aid in ability to maintain proper oral hygiene. In children, the development of a comprehensive treatment plan incorporates many aspects including the stage of dental development, caries-risk assessment, restorative needs, ability of the child to cooperate. There is not a one-size fits all model for dental therapy in children. Each child is a unique individual with many facets that make them who they are…the approach in their dental care should be no different.

Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent-McDonald, Avery, and Dean, Eighth Edition
Guideline on Pediatric Restorative Dentistry-American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Reference Manual
The Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry-American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Fourth Edition.
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Thank You for your 5 Star Reviews!

5star (1)

From Google: “Dr. Savage is an outstanding pediatric dentist. My son has been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. Savage is very kind, caring, as well as a very good dentist. My son actually looks forward to going to the dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Savage to any new patients who are considering his practice.”

From Facebook: “I would like to say that West Metro Kids Dental and Dr. Bryan are the best. My daughter has been afraid of the dentist since she was little and had to have 4 teeth pulled to get braces. My daughter has had to have 8 teeth pulled over the years. We were going to another kids dentist when our insurance changed and they didn’t accept the new. They referred us to Dr. Bryan at West Metro Kids. I have to tell you, when we left after her cleaning appt with Dr. Bryan, my daughter was so impressed with him that she said she liked him way better than the other place. She stated that she felt more comfortable with him and she really liked how he explained everything he was doing and talked to her as well as me. I would recommend West Metro Kids Dental to anyone. They’re all friendly and great with the kids.”

From Yelp: “Found them their Google search. Very impressed with the office and staff. Very friendly and social employees. Have video games, tv, toys, Starbucks coffee machine too ( for parents of course).  Dr. Bryan very nice. I will be using them for both my sons going forward.”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “We really loved the experience with Leah and Dr. L.  They made my 4.5 year old feel very comfortable while having her procedure!”


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More Awesome 5 Star Reviews!

5star (1)

From Google: “This was my son’s first dental examination, and it was truly a pleasurable experience for him, which made it wonderful in my book. The dental hygienist was so kind, she spoke to my son in a manner that made him feel comfortable- like this was an awesome thing he was about to partake in, and she allowed for extra time so that he could see and manipulate the instruments she was going to use on him which just made it all the more exciting to him since he was getting the opportunity to use the tools. Dr. Savage also came in with such an upbeat and positive attitude. He too made my son feel great about his strong teeth, and I still hear about how cool it was that he got to have his teeth painted (fluoride treatment)!! Plus Dr. Savage answered all of my questions, and left me feeling comfortable about what my son needs to do to maintain a healthy smile.”

From Yelp: “My daughters have been coming here for a few years – my 7 year old actually asks when she can come back!  Dr. LaShica Beverly and Dr. Bryan Savage have a great rapport with kids and are quick and complete.  The dental assistants are great with the kids – my 3 year old was afraid at her last appointment and in a matter of minutes, our dental assistant had her smiling and cooperating!  The front office is helpful and friendly.  The office itself is great for the kids (toys, TVs, stuffed animals with teeth that the kids can brush, etc.).   We live in Denver but it’s worth the extra travel time to go here.”

From Facebook: “We have had great experiences with Ashley and Dr. Beverly at West Metro Pediatric Dentistry. My daughter leaves and can’t wait to go to her next appointment – always hard to make a 3 year old wait 6 months for something she likes! The staff are always friendly. They are very efficient and thorough in the cleaning and checking of teeth. It’s a great office!”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “It went great.  Dr. Bryan and the team at West Metro is incredible.  Turned a scary event into a non-issue and we have not had any complications whatsoever.”

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New Year, New Oral Health Goals


2016 is here and we want to help our patients and families start the new year off right! With the start of a new year, many folks like to set goals and start afresh. We would like to share just a few factoids to help ensure that our awesome parents and patients are starting 2016 off on the right foot.

As we move through the year, we will dig a little deeper into how we can help impact some of these things.

Did you know…?

-Dental caries or cavities is the most common chronic disease of childhood in the United States.

-Cavity causing bacteria (Mutans Streptococci or MS) can be transferred between individuals. The likelihood of transmission can be greatly decreased by reducing parent’s or sibling’s MS levels. One great way to decrease the rate of transfer of cavity causing bacteria is to avoid saliva-sharing activities such as sharing utensils or a parent placing a pacifier in his or her mouth in an attempt to “clean” it.

-Dental related illnesses account for over 50,000,000 school hours lost each year. Untreated dental disease may affect a child’s ability to eat, sleep, and concentrate.

-Approximately 10-39% of all dental injuries in children are sports-related. The highest incidence occurs between the ages of 7-17 with baseball and basketball being the leading activities with sports-related injuries. Custom fitted mouthguards, which can be fabricated by your dentist, are statistically proven to reduce orofacial injuries during sports.

-It is encouraged to have infants weaned from the bottle between 12-18 months. Parents are also advised to have infants drink from a cup as they approach their first birthday.

-Ad libitum breast-feeding after the first primary tooth erupts and after other sources of carbohydrates are introduced into the diet can increase the risk of cavities.

-Children 3 years old and younger should have their teeth brushed with a smear or rice-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste (approx 0.1mg of fluoride). Children aged 3-6 years should use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste (approx 0.25mg of fluoride). Rinsing after brushing should be kept to a minimum or completely eliminated to gain the most beneficial effect of fluoride.

-Consumption of milk by adolescent girls decreased by 40% as girls have increased consumption of soft drinks; increasing risk for fractures and future osteoporosis. Try to encourage adolescents and teens to choose healthier options or send them to school and sporting events with nutrient dense choices to make it a bit easier to avoid temptation from vending machines or concession stands. For example, encourage water consumption versus sweetened sports drinks.


American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Reference Manual 2015/2016

-Policy on Early Childhood Caries (ECC): Classifications, Consequences, and Preventive Strategies

-Policy on Prevention of Sports-related Orofacial Injuries

-Policy on School Absences for Dental Appointments
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5 Star Reviews from Parents Just Like You

5star (1)

From Google: “Dr. Bryan and his staff are AMAZING. My son has special needs and can be rather difficult when it comes to his oral care. Dr. Bryan and his assistants take the time with my son to make him feel comfortable, and mid exam if he needs a minute to unwind they are more than understanding. They have NEVER made us feel like they were rushed or too busy to spend a few extra minutes with us. The assistant takes the time to show my son all of the tools they will be using and how they work. We have been seen in the office 3 times and Dr. Bryan remembered us from our previous visit. I like the feeling that my son is not just another patient. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who wants their child to be in good care when visiting the dentist. Thank you Dr. Bryan!!!”

From Yelp: “My family would highly recommend this dental practice! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and gentle with kids. My sons that are 10 and 8 can’t wait to go to the dentist! Seriously…They do have “entertainment” for the kids which keeps them distracted as well. 🙂 We have gone to another practice and we are glad we made the change.”

From Facebook: “We love Dr Bryan and his staff are outstanding!! We had such a great experience when he subbed for our dentist that we changed on the spot! He pulled my 5 year olds tooth without one tear or “scary feelings”. His staff are helpful and super sweet. We Dr Bryan and his staff!!”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “This was our second visit to your clinic and we had another great experience with Dr. Beverly and staff.  The assistant was just amazing.  She was full of energy and information, great communication style for both kids and parents.  She explained everything to my son (3 years old) before starting each step, asked him questions about himself (and his brushing habits), and made him smile and giggle throughout the visit.  She was awesome!!”

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Thank You For Your 5 Star Reviews!

5star (1)

From Google:  “We LOVED Dr. Beverly! While Dr. Savage is GREAT, we are excited that you have brought Dr. Beverly to the office! She was fun, attentive and professional. We will be glad to see either of the doctors when we come. My daughter and I think she is a great addition to the office. Also, our assistant, Carissa, was really great as well. She was funny and had a great rapport with my daughter.”

From Yelp: “We’re extremely happy with Dr. Savage and the staff here. My 3 yo daughter face planted after slipping on ice and it was a bloody painful mess. We just moved to Colorado and haven’t set her up with a pediatric dentist yet. We called this clinic a quarter til closing and the receptionist asked us to send a picture of her injuries to her cell phone. Couple minutes later, she called back and said Dr. Savage can see us right away. We made it there 5 min til closing and were immediately taken into the exam room. The staff there were so good to my little girl and made her feel at ease. Having frozen on the little tv screen didn’t hurt of course. Dr. Savage came in shortly after and examined her. She ended up with 4 root fractures. He did a great job explaining her injuries, what to expect, and things to do to help her teeth and gums heal.

My daughter loved the office and staff. They made an otherwise traumatizing experience not so bad. The office itself is very clean, organized, well designed, and fun for kids. We’re so glad we found this office and will be coming back for all her dental care.”

From Facebook: “We Love Dr Bryan, our two boys have been going to him since they were old enough to see a dentist. He calms their fears and makes them feel comfortable. Highly recommend Dr Bryan and his practice.”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “As usual, Dr. Beverly is wonderful with the kids!  I can honestly say my kids have no reservations about attending check ups or procedures they’ve all had with Dr. Beverly or Dr. Bryan.  Dr. Beverly has been a great addition to the practice.  It’s not just Dr. Beverly but all the dental assistants are wonderful as well.”


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Check out these 5 Star Reviews!

5star (1)

From Google:  “What a wonderful environment for kids!! Everyone is so kind and patient. Dr. Savage has a gift working with children!! A great pediatric dentistry to keep your kids’ smiles healthy and bright.”

From Yelp: “We have been going to West Metro for 6 years now and have continued to be thrilled with the care that our kids receive here. The staff are incredibly patient and kind with children. The doctors take lots of time to explain things to the parents and kids, and focus on long term health and preventative care. The office is also super kid focused and has lots to distract kids from what can otherwise be a less than fun activity.”

From Facebook: “We have been going to West Metro Pediatric Dentistry for YEARS and just love them. The entire staff is always so caring and helpful and Dr Savage is so great with the kids. What I also love is that they give very practical advice about when it’s really time to go to the orthodontist and when it’s ok to wait a little longer. The staff is also very encouraging yet firm about helping the kids understand how and why to brush better. Highly recommend them!!”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “It went great.  Dr. Bryan and the team at West Metro is incredible.  Turned a scary event into a non-issue and we have not had any complications whatsoever.”

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More Great 5 Star Reviews!

5star (1)

We think another parent’s opinion is one of the best ways to tell you about your practice. Check out these great 5 star reviews:

From Google: “I started taking my son here when he turned one and I couldn’t be happier with the practice. The entire staff is helpful and friendly & Dr. Bryan, Dr. Beverly, & Dr. Jenna are both fantastic. Plus, they are able to accommodate morning appointments to help out a busy working mom’s schedule!”

From Facebook: “Your team up there is simply amazing! I love all of your friendly and understanding staff, the hygienist seem to know my children and really focus closely on their individual needs, which means a lot to me as a mother of three kids under 4 years of age. Dr. Savage always brings a great sense of comfort and ease to every appointment with great tips and support to help with oral health. Dr. Beverly has a great amount punctual and precise direction and information towards the kids oral health needs and steps to follow as a parent moving forward. We thank all of you for your continued help and friendly staff, as dentist appointments have become a fun experience for our children!”

From Yelp: “West Metro Pediatric Dentistry makes going to the dentist fun and educational for kids.  I brought my son in when he turned one.  He is now five years old and his younger sisters go about every six months.  The atmosphere is kid and parent friendly.  Dr. Savage is very kind and professional.  The staff is helpful and great with kids.  If you are looking for a pediatric dentist this is a great place to go.  Highly recommend.”

From Our Appointment Followup Email: “As usual, Dr. Beverly is wonderful with the kids!  I can honestly say my kids have no reservations about attending check ups or procedures they’ve all had with Dr. Beverly or Dr. Bryan.  Dr. Beverly has been a great addition to the practice.  It’s not just Dr. Beverly but all the dental assistants are wonderful as well.”


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