Green Office Initiatives

Our 6th guiding principle in our mission statement:

We will continually focus on finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint through responsible use, recycling, and material selection.

West Metro Pediatric Dentistry is proud to be a “green” focused office—we are doing our very best to find new ways every day to help positively impact our planet for our patients.

Here are just a few of the things we have done to help lessen the environmental footprint our practice has:

  1. Paper bags instead of plastic bags for patient take-home supplies.
  2. All electronic appointment reminders—no more appointment cards or postcards.
  3. Electronic charting instead of paper charting.
  4. All digital x-rays instead of film x-rays.
  5. Amalgam separators installed in both offices.
  6. All rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries.
  7. Easily accessible trash/paper/cardboard recycling in both offices.
  8. No more print magazines in our waiting rooms.
  9. Opting out of all junk mail delivery.
  10. No more paper catalog deliveries for supplies—online only catalogs.
  11. Reusable plates/cups/silverware for staff—no single-use products.
  12. Blinds & window films to control HVAC use.
  13. Regular HVAC maintenance so that systems run at optimum strength.
  14. Thermostats are programmed and set at low settings for nighttime/weekends.
  15. Motion sensor light switches to control energy use.
  16. LED light bulbs wherever possible.
  17. All electronics are turned off each night rather going into sleep mode.
  18. Computer hardware all properly recycle after replacement.
  19. Water savings signs posted to remind patients not to run water while brushing teeth.
  20. Filtered drinking water available for patients rather than water bottles.
  21. Compostable/biodegradable coffee cups/lids/stir sticks instead of plastic or styrofoam.
  22. Refillable soaps/hand sanitizers and reduced plastic or paper refill packaging.
  23. Reusable air/water syringes in clinic area instead of one-time-use plastic ones.
  24. Order recycled office supplies whenever possible.
  25. Reusable tote bags for marketing/school visits rather than single-use paper bags.

It is our commitment to all the awesome young Colorado smiles we see each day to continue to work to expand our list whenever we can!