Pediatric Dental Dictionary


We use a lot of kid-friendly words in our office!

  • Magic Chair or Magic Ride = The Dental Chair
  • Mr. Windy or the Mouth Bubbler = The tool we use to blow air onto teeth to dry them off
  • Paint or Nail Polish = Sealants
  • Sleepy Juice = A shot or needle
  • Slurpy Straw or Mr. Thirsty = The tool we use to slurp up water or salivia from a childs mouth
  • Sugar Bugs = Dental Decay
  • Superhero Cape = X-ray Vest
  • Tickly Toothbrush or Mr. Tickles = The tool we use during dental cleanings
  • Tooth Pictures = X-rays
  • Water Squirter = The tool we use to squirt water into a child’s mouth
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