More Great 5 Star Reviews!

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We think another parent’s opinion is one of the best ways to tell you about your practice. Check out these great 5 star reviews:

From Google: “I started taking my son here when he turned one and I couldn’t be happier with the practice. The entire staff is helpful and friendly & Dr. Bryan, Dr. Beverly, & Dr. Jenna are both fantastic. Plus, they are able to accommodate morning appointments to help out a busy working mom’s schedule!”

From Facebook: “Your team up there is simply amazing! I love all of your friendly and understanding staff, the hygienist seem to know my children and really focus closely on their individual needs, which means a lot to me as a mother of three kids under 4 years of age. Dr. Savage always brings a great sense of comfort and ease to every appointment with great tips and support to help with oral health. Dr. Beverly has a great amount punctual and precise direction and information towards the kids oral health needs and steps to follow as a parent moving forward. We thank all of you for your continued help and friendly staff, as dentist appointments have become a fun experience for our children!”

From Yelp: “West Metro Pediatric Dentistry makes going to the dentist fun and educational for kids.  I brought my son in when he turned one.  He is now five years old and his younger sisters go about every six months.  The atmosphere is kid and parent friendly.  Dr. Savage is very kind and professional.  The staff is helpful and great with kids.  If you are looking for a pediatric dentist this is a great place to go.  Highly recommend.”

From Our Appointment Followup Email: “As usual, Dr. Beverly is wonderful with the kids!  I can honestly say my kids have no reservations about attending check ups or procedures they’ve all had with Dr. Beverly or Dr. Bryan.  Dr. Beverly has been a great addition to the practice.  It’s not just Dr. Beverly but all the dental assistants are wonderful as well.”