Thank You For Your 5 Star Reviews!

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From Google:  “We LOVED Dr. Beverly! While Dr. Savage is GREAT, we are excited that you have brought Dr. Beverly to the office! She was fun, attentive and professional. We will be glad to see either of the doctors when we come. My daughter and I think she is a great addition to the office. Also, our assistant, Carissa, was really great as well. She was funny and had a great rapport with my daughter.”

From Yelp: “We’re extremely happy with Dr. Savage and the staff here. My 3 yo daughter face planted after slipping on ice and it was a bloody painful mess. We just moved to Colorado and haven’t set her up with a pediatric dentist yet. We called this clinic a quarter til closing and the receptionist asked us to send a picture of her injuries to her cell phone. Couple minutes later, she called back and said Dr. Savage can see us right away. We made it there 5 min til closing and were immediately taken into the exam room. The staff there were so good to my little girl and made her feel at ease. Having frozen on the little tv screen didn’t hurt of course. Dr. Savage came in shortly after and examined her. She ended up with 4 root fractures. He did a great job explaining her injuries, what to expect, and things to do to help her teeth and gums heal.

My daughter loved the office and staff. They made an otherwise traumatizing experience not so bad. The office itself is very clean, organized, well designed, and fun for kids. We’re so glad we found this office and will be coming back for all her dental care.”

From Facebook: “We Love Dr Bryan, our two boys have been going to him since they were old enough to see a dentist. He calms their fears and makes them feel comfortable. Highly recommend Dr Bryan and his practice.”

From our Appointment Followup Email: “As usual, Dr. Beverly is wonderful with the kids!  I can honestly say my kids have no reservations about attending check ups or procedures they’ve all had with Dr. Beverly or Dr. Bryan.  Dr. Beverly has been a great addition to the practice.  It’s not just Dr. Beverly but all the dental assistants are wonderful as well.”