Helpful Handouts

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We love to use handouts as follow ups to our dental appointments. Here are some of our most popular:

Sealants Info Sheet

Wondering about sealants for your child? This handout covers what sealants are, how they are put on, and rules for care!

New Parent Info Sheet

Are you a new parent looking for more information about how to care for your child’s teeth, now and in the coming years? We’ve got lots of great information, including emergency care and eruption charts in this helpful handout.

Fluoride Info Sheet

Wondering what Fluoride actually is, and how it works to help protect your child’s teeth? Read more here!

Digital Dental X-rays Info Sheet

Did you know that digital dental x-rays are one of the lowest-radiation x-rays taken out of all medical x-rays? Check out the cool charts on this fact sheet.

Canker Sores Info Sheet

Does your child have a canker sore? Here is more information about treatment and prevention in the future.