Thank You For The Kind Words!

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We really appreciate feedback from our patients and patient parents!

Check out some of these kind words that have been shared with us recently…

” My only feedback is POSITIVE!!! Doctor Savage’s calm and unpretentious demeanor is a VERY WELCOME departure from the norm and his patience with his little patients was very reassuring to my little [daughter.]  She was quite apprehensive about her filling last week, but the Doc took the extra few minutes to reassure her and very slowly feed in the anesthetic.  I’ll tell you this is in contrast to many that just say, “You’re going to feel a little stick” – and then unload the whole syringe into the child’s cheek.  I guess they save a billable hour a month doing it that way, but at what emotional cost..? Doctor Savage and the staff are kind and attentive – I don’t feel like a number being rushed though for money.  I think the open floor plan, glasses treatment rooms, and warm colors also go a long way toward making the little ones feel unthreatened (as opposed to the standard white tile, antiseptic vibe of most doctors’ offices).”

“We had such a positive experience, thank you! [My son] was fine with his first visit to another dentist but didn’t love it and neither did I, so I started asking around and we are so glad for the recommendation to your practice. Everyone was so nice and made it a great experience for my young children!”

“The staff at West Metro is always wonderful! They are friendly, welcoming, and make the experience so comfortable that my kids (age 4 & 6) look forward to coming. Keep up the great work, and thank the staff for the great job they are doing!”

“You guys are always so efficient and professional, it is much appreciated. We love your office!”

“I have to say that I love this office. In fact, yesterday, [my son] didn’t even know they had done the extractions! He felt just fine when it was over and all night! The staff and Dr Bryan are always so thoughtful and caring of all 5 of my kids. I always recommend the office! So I can’t imagine what could be made better, but it gets better each time.  Thank you.”

“We had a great experience. I feel like too often only the negative gets passed on, so I wanted to make sure I let you know how happy I was. [The dental assistant] deserves a ton of credit. They got much farther than I expected on her not-yet-two-year-old mouth. We’ll definitely be back!”

“Your office and staff are amazing!  My son absolutely loves Dr Bryan and looks forward to going to the dentist!  Thank you all.”

“I am very happy to have picked Dr. Bryan dental team to service my two sons. This past visit was the best, especially with the dental assistant. She was very patient and attentive to my son. He usually cries before getting started but she calmed his nerves a lot, and at the end he was smiling.  In addition, she taught me the proper way to brush his teeth (still practicing) since he fights me during brushing time. Dr. Bryan and his team are the greatest and I wish more  people in the medical field were like them. So, honestly, I can’t imagine you guys needing to change any thing.”

“We have nothing but praise for Dr. Bryan and his team.  My daughter LOVES coming to the dentist and she let’s everyone know.  Thanks for making a fun and comfortable environment for the kiddos.”

“As we have experienced in previous visits, we have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Savage and his staff. Starting with the front desk who always welcome and help me with any of my requests or questions.  They saved me another trip to your office by accepting [my daughter] at the last second. The assistants are great with the kids, which makes the visit even more ‘fun.’ I want to mention the assistant who worked with my 2-year-old. She was amazing!  She made him feel so comfortable and relaxed.  She also gained his trust with all of the equipment.  And we are talking about a 2-year-old who won’t even let us brush his teeth.  Please let her know that she is doing a great job. Last, but not least, Dr. Savage is great and VERY professional! Keep up the great work!”